Corporate Social Responsibility

Emc2, as a company, actively supports educational and social service agencies locally and technical society objectives nationally and internationally. On a local level, Emc2 focuses its efforts on supporting youth and adult education especially across the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) curricula, work force development, and affordable housing efforts. Its staff members sit on boards of directors in officer roles, on settlement house agencies, community development agencies and are key contributors to the local education and arts communities in its headquarters’ city.

Across the technical support arena, Emc2 staff members serve as officers of various sections of ASME, are editors of peer reviewed journals such as JPVP and serve as reviewers of contributed articles to many journals involved in welding, pressure vessels, and materials.

Mr. Hattery, Emc2‘s Director of Operations, has been recognized by several highly regarded community service awards such as the inaugural Battelle Outstanding Volunteerism Award for work with Goodwill, United Way, Godman Guild settlement house, Ronald McDonald House, Boy Scouts and other support activities. Additionally, he has received the Community Pride award for his long tenured service to the 120 year old Godman Guild Association settlement house where he has been instrumental in developing educational programs for Adult GED, early child development courses in conjunction with The Ohio State University and helping with summer camp programs for children in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Columbus.

Emc2 is an equal opportunity employer with both male and female technical staff spanning several different nationalities. Each staff member is encouraged to identify and participate in external activities that support local, national, and international community needs that address areas of critical concern. Emc2‘s policy of flex-time for work allows staff to participate in activities without negatively impacting progress on client-funded programs.

Environmental Philosophy

Emc2, as a small business headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, strives to be a good environmental steward in all of its work. Energy efficient lighting is used in its offices; Emc2 recycles most food and beverage containers and uses reusable kitchenware and utensils where possible. Additionally, paper products are recycled.

As most of Emc2‘s work is computational and can be saved electronically, Emc2 works with its clients to schedule deliverables to be sent electronically and utilizes electronic meeting opportunities such as Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting, to minimize the travel related carbon footprint of the company.

Emc2‘s previously spin off company, Natural Fiber Composite Corporation, had been created to design products using materials from natural products to replace high energy extractive fiber materials such as glass, wollastonite, or organic fibers as reinforcements in the organic composite markets. Mr. Hattery, Senior Program Manager and Director of Operations for Emc2, served as a founding member of the Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center (OBIC) and Dr. Prabhat Krishnaswamy, VP of Emc2, sits on the Ohio Governor’s Advisory Council on Bio-based products for plastics lumber and is currently an OSU Adjunct faculty member.

At its high energy Mojave Test site, Emc2 uses the “leave no trace” philosophy of back country campers to maintain conditions. All resources and supplies brought to the site are removed from the site and appropriately disposed of, recycled, composted or reused, depending on specific materials.

At its headquarters in Ohio, Emc2 has overseen the installation of more energy efficient heating and cooling systems for its buildings along with installing carpet from recycled fiber and an energy efficient water heating system. Used batteries with heavy metals are collected and properly disposed of as hazardous materials.

Emc2‘s technical work is often concentrated on developing new technologies (particularly in weld simulation and modeling) to significantly reduce the energy input for their client specific products. Additionally, the staff have provided consultative services to companies dealing with alternative energy solutions from wind power, solar energy systems, algae-to-oil conversions, and bio-diesel development from soy-based starting materials.