Current Staff

Our current staff consists of 13 engineers, 3 lab technicians and 1 office manager who have the requisite knowledge to keep our business running smoothly. The engineering staff includes 10 PhD’s with Doctorate’s in Computational Fracture Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace, Industrial, Nuclear and Mathematics. The remaining 3 engineering staff members have Bachelors and/or Masters Degrees in Chemistry/Advanced Polymers, Aerospace Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Half of our technical staff (6 engineers and 2 technicians) were former employees of Battelle-Columbus and represent over 245 years of Battelle service.
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Dr. Gery Wilkowski
Director of Innovation
Mr. Gary Hattery
Director of Administrative Operations
Dr. Frederick (Bud) Brust
Director of Analytical Operations
Dr. Yunior Hioe
Director of Laboratory Operations
Ms. Rita Wilkowski
Office Manager
Mr. Ken Bagnoli
Sr. Research Leader
Mr. Mike Fishman
Mr. Russell Hattery
Mr. Richard (Rick) Heggs
Sr. Research Leader
Mr. Lance Hill
Senior Research Leader
Dr. Prabhat Krishnaswamy
Sr. Research Leader
Dr. Jim Kennedy
Sr. Research Leader
Dr. Robert (Bob) Kurth
Sr. Research Leader
Ms. Elizabeth Kurth
Research Engineer
Mr. Paul Mincer
Master Technician
Dr. Fabian Orth
Research Leader
Dr. Ed Punch
Research Leader
Ms. Ann Roty
Financial Administrator
Dr. Cédric Sallaberry
Sr. Research Mathematician
Mr Joel Swartzentruber
Student Intern
Mr Matthew Walburn
Student Intern
Key Technical Capabilities
  • Mechanical performance, especially fracture and fatigue, of various structures
  • Full-scale pipe and pressure vessel fracture testing
  • Weld fracture in the heat-affect zone (HAZ) and local brittle zone (LBZ)
  • Hydrogen cracking and stress corrosion cracking of welded structures
  • Application-specific FEA software development
  • Constitutive modeling of metals, plastics, and composites
  • Numerical simulation of welding and other joining processes
  • Statistics/reliability-based structural integrity assessment
  • Weld residual stress/distortion/microstructure simulations
  • Failure analysis of mechanical components and structural joints
  • Residual stress effects on fracture, stress-corrosion cracking, and fatigue
  • Probabilistic Modeling and Risk Analysis
  • System Engineering including requirements and performance specification development
  • Full-scale structure testing – in lab and high energy site
  • Development of industry and government codes and standards