Quality Assurance Approach

Emc2 Quality Management Program (QMP) is built in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and utilizes a process approach to quality assurance (QA) to enhance customer satisfaction through meeting customer requirements. This QMP emphasizes the importance of:

  • Understanding and meeting customer needs and requirements
  • Considering processes in terms of added value to the customer
  • Promoting an atmosphere that is safe and environmentally conscious
  • Verification and validation of results
  • Clear and concise documentation of results
  • Continuous improvement

Execution of the QMP begins with Emc2‘s Program Managers (PM’s) who are experienced employees within the organization that have been trained to manage projects within the QMP. Each project has a specific QA plan, which is based on a specific client’s requirements, but all are clearly centered on delivering “Quality in Technical Performance.” For major programs, Emc2 will incorporate the use of a Technical Review team which is brought in at key points of the project to validate processes and preliminary results; review methodologies and approach to the problem; discuss potential alternative approaches, and provide an initial review of critical project deliverables to ensure that the client’s needs are being addressed.

Project performance is managed daily, completed to internally defined standards, and accomplished in an ethical and professional manner. Emc2‘s standard QA system for verifying results and procedures in their research and development is founded on the principles of both technical and programmatic review. All project documents and deliverables prepared by Emc2 staff undergo a rigorous technical review by senior research staff prior to being sent to the client. This review focuses on identifying such items as: information gaps; confusing or unclear conclusions and recommendations; errors of commission and omission; and whether alternative approaches to the results can be supported using parallel pathways.

The QMP encompasses methodologies for maintaining, implementing changes to the program quality processes and standards, status reporting, lessons learned in addition to the application of best practices and continuous improvement methods. The QMP considers problem identification and resolution as a set of key elements for effective project execution. Effective project planning is a proactive process aligning staffing efforts to support customer goals, objectives and targets. The QMP requires all key management, administrative and personnel to be familiar with the contract scope of work and respective corporate commitments to ensure complete