JR File upload

The following page automatically fit a power law to JD data as a function of Δa.

  • The file first row should include the dataname (first word is used for the figure)
  • The second row should be used to label the data. It is ignored by the program
  • All the subsequent rows should have two numbers. The first representing the Δa values and the second the JD.
  • The data should be ordered with increasing Δa

1. Select file to upload:


2. Select the type of delimiter used to separate data:

If copied and pasted from Excel into an input, the delimiter is a tab
Tab delimited
Space delimited (only one space)
Comma delimited

3. Select the units used

The units have to be either SI ( mm for Δa and kJ/m2 for JD) or Engineering ( in for Δa and in-lb/in2 for JD)
The result will be given in SI units.

SI units
Eng. units

4. additional options

The y-interecpt JIC can be forced if wanted, with the following option
Force a JIC value.

Forced Value :
(use the same unit as what is used in the data)












examples of valid input files for the code


Left is tab delimited, center is space delimited (only one space between numbers) and right is comma delimited